Book a 60-minute online consultation via Zoom, to dive deep into your space, style, budget, and needs. Our expert team will provide personalized advice and answer all your questions in real-time. With the ability to see your space firsthand, we offer practical guidance on design decisions and provide immediate direction to elevate your space to its fullest potential.

500 AED

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Experience the convenience of eStyling with our easy, affordable, and fast e-design packages. Collaborate with a professional interior stylist via email and WhatsApp to effortlessly transform your room remotely. Receive a custom-tailored design that perfectly aligns with your style and budget, along with all the tools and guidance necessary to bring your vision to life on your own terms. Click here to learn more.

2500 AED per room

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Experience the ultimate in hands-on design with our comprehensive service. Our expert stylist will visit your home, take precise measurements, and work closely with you to understand your vision. From crafting mood boards to stunning visual renders, we handle every aspect of the design process. We'll source furniture and finishes, oversee all work, manage purchases, and meticulously style your space to perfection. Contact us today for a personalized quote and let us bring your dream space to life.

Starting from 7000 AED

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