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Onyx Jewellery Box

Onyx Jewellery Box

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Add a touch of sophistication to your daily routine and elevate your style and organization with this stunning onyx jewelry box.

Made from premium onyx, renowned for its unique veining and rich color variations, each box is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The dimensions of 300x160x190 provide ample space to organize your precious jewelry items.

The onyx exterior is polished to perfection, highlighting the natural beauty of the stone. Its smooth, glossy surface enhances the visual appeal, making it an elegant decor piece in addition to a functional storage solution. The carefully chosen dimensions strike a balance between compactness and spaciousness, making it an ideal choice for both small and large collections.

Please note that variations in veining, patterns, and hues are inherent to the natural beauty of marble. As a result, each product is unique, and no two pieces will be exactly the same. Embrace the individuality and character of your marble item, as these differences contribute to its distinct charm and authenticity.

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Recommended if:

  • You are seeking personalized design advice without the need for in-person meetings.
  • You are looking for quick design solutions or guidance on specific design dilemmas.
  • You comfortable with executing design changes themselves but seeking professional guidance.
  • You interested in exploring design concepts and ideas before committing to a larger project.
  • You are looking for a cost-effective way to improve your living space with expert guidance.
  • Individuals who value convenience and prefer to work with stylists remotely.

Important to note:

What is E-Styling?

Online interior styling and onsite interior styling involve similar principles but differ in their execution and level of physical presence:

Online Interior Styling:

Virtual Interaction: Online interior styling is conducted remotely through digital communication channels such as email, video calls, and WhatsApp.

Visual Guidance: Stylists provide recommendations for furniture arrangement, decor placement, color schemes, and accessory selection based on information provided by clients, such as room dimensions, photos, and style preferences.

Digital Moodboards: Stylists create digital moodboards or design concept presentations to illustrate their recommendations, including product links and sources for purchasing suggested items.

Client Implementation: Clients are responsible for implementing the styling suggestions themselves, using the provided guidance and resources to transform their space.

Flexible Scheduling: Clients can access styling services from anywhere, allowing for convenience and flexibility in the timing of consultations and design revisions.

Onsite Interior Styling:

In-Person Interaction: Onsite interior styling involves direct interaction between the stylist and client at the physical location of the project.

Hands-On Assessment: Stylists assess the space firsthand, taking into account factors such as lighting, architectural features, and existing furnishings, to provide tailored recommendations.

Immediate Feedback: Stylists can make real-time adjustments and provide immediate feedback on styling choices, considering the spatial layout and aesthetic preferences of the client.

Physical Arrangement: Stylists may physically rearrange furniture, decor, and accessories within the space to achieve the desired look and functionality, optimizing the visual impact.

Comprehensive Service: Onsite stylists offer end-to-end styling services, from initial consultation and concept development to final execution and styling, with a higher level of hands-on involvement throughout the process.

How long does it take?

Our goal is to provide you with your initial moodboard within 10 working days. The entire process, subject to the speed of client feedback, typically concludes within 3 weeks per room.

Furniture and Accessories

Our expertise lies in recommending loose furniture and accessories to elevate your space's aesthetic and functionality.


We don't provide permanent flooring suggestions, as these are best chosen in showroom settings where clients can assess textures and colors firsthand. However we can offer advice on suitable colors and textures to align with your design preferences. Clients can then source flooring themselves based on our recommendations.

Window Treatments

We provide guidance on window treatments such as curtains, advising on styles, fabrics, and colors to complement your overall design vision.

Wall Decoration

We do not provide recommendations for wall decoration such as wallpaper or paints. These choices are best made in person to ensure accurate color representation. However, we can offer non-branded color palettes to assist in your decision-making process.